EAFK is licensed by The Knights of The Guild to our clients annually. Costs are determined by campus and grade level, not by the number of students enrolled. Components are integrated, and one may not be employed independent of the others. Pricing varies by location, and is subject to change without notice. There are no refunds for knighting ceremonies canceled by schools after their scheduled dates have been confirmed. Multi-campus discounts for EAFK programs are available under certain conditions. Email for more information.

Optional Medieval Tournament Show

Description: 45-minute live action outdoor show with knights and horses, held on campus.

Cost: $3,000+ depending on location and current fuel costs. Live only.

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Annual Online Curriculum License and Faculty Training

Our online classroom curriculum is licensed to campuses for use each school year. Faculty training for the EAFK program is included and is usually televised, but can be taught in person if desired.

Time: ~2 hours

Prerecorded or zoom training option plus annual license: $1,000 per year

Live training option plus annual license: $1,400 per year

Annual Student Orientation Assembly

Led by one of our armored staff knights, this kickoff event is held on campus at the beginning of each school year to familiarize students with EAFK and the rewards of participation. Price includes up to two consecutive 30-minute presentations for grades K-2 and 3-5, respectively.

Prerecorded or televised option - $400

Live presentation option - $550+ (depending on location)

Knighting Ceremonies (4-6 annually)

These are periodic campus-wide award ceremonies to honor students selected to receive EAFK awards. Awardee families are invited secretly to attend. Price includes up to two consecutive 30-minute presentations for grades K-2 and 3-5, respectively.

Prerecorded or televised option - $400 each

Live presentation option - $550+(depending on location and availability) each

Student Award Medallions

These are prizes that student awardees receive at Knighting Ceremony Grades K-1 earn bronze medallions; grades 2-3 earn silver medallions; grade 4 earns gold medallions; and, grade 5 earns the special

“Black Prince” medallion (highest honor)

$3.00 per medallion, plus shipping. Order enough for 1/3 of the student population each year. Prices subject to change.

Student Service Club

If a school is sponsored by a Rotary Club, then sponsors are encouraged to start a student service club on campus to help young people experience the value of serving in their communities.

No charge to school

(Optional For Televised Knighting Ceremony Users)

Year-End 5th Grade Dubbing Ceremony

As a premium addon, one of our armored knights would make a personal campus appearance at the final year-end assembly, held exclusively for 5th graders to confer dubbing (sword tap on the shoulder) to those who received our “Black Prince” medallions throughout the year. This ceremony is not required, but very cool.

~45 minutes

Live presentation - $600 (depending on location and availability)

Optional Parent Education Seminar

Description: The parent education seminar is an evening, on-campus presentation for parents and families of

EAFK students who are interested in learning more about EAFK, and how to reinforce the EAFK program at

home. Simple, effective parenting skills and relationship-building tips are also provided. 45 minutes, one event.

Virtual/video available.

Cost: $800 (Live); $600 (virtual/video)

For 2024-2025